The Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2020

Best Amazon Seller tools

What is Amazon FBA?

In 2020, a lot of individuals want to start an eCommerce business. Some entrepreneurs even manage to show off their eCommerce business in a full-time job.

If you want to be part of this eCommerce movement, Amazon FBA may be an excellent place to start. This platform helped many entrepreneurs launch the first Amazon store.

However, selling products through your Amazon FBA store requires a lot of work on your part. You have to try to market research to make sure you make profits. You have to deliver orders, manage them, collect reviews, and much more.

Fortunately, there are Amazon seller tools that will make your life much easier. They deduct tons of heavy loads and streamline every part of the way. This protects your time and causes you more money

Finding proper FBA tools is often tricky. you would like to form sure those you employ to sell on Amazon are safe, accurate, and straightforward. Plus, they ought to do exactly what you would like them to try to do.

Here’s a breakdown of the highest Amazon seller tools in 2020. We re-evaluate each tool intimately, discussing its features, pros, cons, and the way it can benefit your online store.

The Best Amazon Seller Tools

Choosing the proper software to assist together with your Amazon FBA product sourcing is crucial for fulfillment. There are many various tools available and that we hope this list helps you create the proper decision. inspect this list of the twelve best Amazon tools for sourcing and Amazon marketing research.

1. Helium 10

الهليوم 10

Helium 10: This tool is an all-in-one platform. Helium 10 has over 20 features that assist you to manage every aspect of your Amazon business.

Most of the features are pretty standard. as an example, as you would possibly expect, Helium 10 streamlines your marketing research. It matches you with products it suspects will perform well and calculates their profitability. It finds keywords that drive conversions, even pairing you with high-performing misspelled words. It also manages refunds, prevents hijackers, allows you to create landing pages, etc.

Helium 10 even has an Amazon PPC Manager for your PPC campaigns. They even offer a free Amazon PPC Audit which provides you with actionable steps to assist increase your profit margins.

What we particularly like about this tool is its free subscription. Sure, it’s somewhat limited compared to the paid subscriptions. But, the free subscription is great for those that are fresh to Amazon FBA. you’ll use the helpful features to urge your business off the bottom.

Helium 10’s paid versions are relatively expensive compared to similar Amazon seller tools. Many seller tools claim to assist scale your Amazon business to the subsequent level, Helium 10 is a beat one tool which will do exactly that. it’s been a tried and tested key for several successful sellers.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is an Amazon marketing research tool. It offers solutions for giant data analytics, competitor monitoring, estimates, and more. Use the online app to filter through many Amazon products until you discover the proper idea for you. Track your products (and your competitors) as you nurture and grow your business. you’ll also use their Chrome extension to validate product ideas as you browse Amazon and type by the info that matters most to you.

3. Unicorn Smasher

يونيكورن الجذاب

Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon marketing research tool from AMZ Tracker. It offers solutions for sales estimates, comprehensive data, and more. It’s a free tool for Amazon sellers that “supercharges your Amazon product research”. they create it easy for you to pinpoint the right product which will mean you to the highest of your niche.

4. Seller Board

مجلس البائع

Seller Board is primarily a platform for tracking your analytics.

It features a live dashboard that updates constantly. The dashboard syncs directly together with your Amazon account, meaning the info is usually accurate. you’ll view the number of orders, fees, reimbursements, refunds, fixed costs, and other crucial information.

To make this data even more comprehensible, the tool provides handy charts, almost like those you’ll find with FBA Toolkit. These charts organize your KPIs however you would like them to, supplying you with a transparent picture of your business’s health.

The tool also has many other features that include profit/loss statements, income tracking, trends analysis, etc. All of those functions serve to assist you to create decisions that will maximize profits.

5. Seller Legend

أسطورة البائع

Seller Legend is yet one more popular, and effective analytics tool.

It is almost like Seller Board therein it’s a beautiful, user-friendly dashboard. 32 available widgets make it possible for you to custom the info to your business’s needs. And, the dashboard generates charts to assist you to visualize the numbers.

Note that this tool doesn’t provide keyword rankings or review tracking. this is often thanks to restrictions the creators face. So, if you would like these features, you’ll need to get additional software.

One cool thing about this platform is how it bills its customers. Your subscription plan is predicated on your number of Amazon marketplace sales and SKU volume. If you’ve got fewer orders per month, the service will adjust you to a lower tier. If you’ve got more orders per month, the service will bump you to a better tier. this may prevent money and keep you from worrying about whether you’ve got the proper subscription plan.

6. FBA Wizard

معالج FBA

FBA Wizard Pro is software that helps you easily find winning products to sell on Amazon and eBay. Find products from hundreds of your favorite UK and US retailers, wholesalers, Amazon flips, textbook arbitrage, and more. It works in the US, UK, and Canada and they are constantly adding more features and more retailers.

7. Splitly


Splitly: As its name suggests, Splitly may be a split-testing tool for your Amazon products.

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, involves running experiments to match two variables. With the info you collect, you’ll determine which variable produces the simplest results.

Splitly works by testing different selling prices for your item. It also tests different item titles, descriptions, images, and other factors that affect how well your listing performs.

Splitly runs several versions of your listings and determines which of them end in the foremost profit. The tool uses advanced AI to stay your listing up-to-date with optimized titles, descriptions, etc.

One feature especially, Profit Peak, automatically updates your products’ prices. This ensures they perform the simplest they will against competitors. the great news is that you simply can set a minimum and maximum for your products’ prices to stay them during a range you’re comfortable with.

When it involves running the simplest Amazon FBA business possible, split testing is crucial. It helps you optimize your listing and, therefore, your profits. Splitly’s algorithms take a touch time to supply results. But, once it’s up and running, the tool takes the compute of A/B testing by completely automating the method. Consider giving Splitly a try!

8. CamelCamelCamel

الجمل الجمل الجمل

CamelCamelCamel is a price tracker that makes sure you’re getting the best deals. You don’t need an account to track your desirable products’ prices, but you do if you wish to get alerts. Plus, if you create a Wishlist in your Amazon account, it can watch the price history of all the items that you have not purchased yet, helping you decide when to buy.

9. AMZ Tracker

AMZ المقتفي

AMZ Tracker: Looking to grow your rankings on Amazon? AMZ Tracker is meant to try to do just that. This software takes an offensive strategy and strategically utilizes Amazon’s A9 algorithm to urge your products on the primary page of search results.

AMZ Tracker pinpoints exactly what’s bringing your conversion rate down, whether it’s product title length, use of low-resolution images, or something else.

AMZ Tracker implements a singular feature called Super URLs. This feature allows you to increase your rankings by bringing in traffic from places outside of Amazon.

While the offensive strategy is vital for your success, AMZ Tracker also implements a defensive one. It can provide you with a warning whenever you receive a negative review or when a competitor attempts to hijack your listing.

10. AmazeOwl


AmazeOwl may be a wide-reaching marketing research tool. It allows you to look for quite 600 million products in 11 different Amazon marketplaces including Germany, Japan, and Spain.

AmazeOwl’s product database is updated daily, so you’ll rest assured that you’ll always have access to accurate information.

يتم تصنيف كل منتج باستخدام نظام AmazeOwl البسيط ذو الخمس نجوم. يعكس كل تصنيف نوعًا من عوامل طلب المنتج وإمكانية الربح والدخول البسيط.

يقدم لك AmazeOwl أيضًا نظرة ثاقبة حول النسبة المئوية لمراجعات المنتجات التي ترغب في الحفاظ عليها ، وأبسط الصور لاستخدامها ، وبالتالي استراتيجية التسعير المثالية للتنفيذ.

يوفر AmazeOwl خطة بداية مجانية للأشخاص الذين يتطلعون إلى بدء عمل Amazon FBA. كما أنه يوفر خططًا عالية المستوى لمن يتطلعون إلى بيع منتجات فردية أو متعددة.

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