how to promote your business on tiktok

Best ways To Promote Your Business

how to promote your business on TikTok

Does the hottest new social media platform TikTok confuse you? To some, it probably seems like just

a lip-syncing video app for teens, but it’s much more than that.

does your business work with TikTok Ads or influencers on TikTok? If not, now is the time to begin. Billions of people have downloaded TikTok, and they look up to the influencers they follow—making this app the perfect space for you to start promoting your company.

Of course, TikTok isn’t the right platform for all types of businesses. Here’s how you can determine if it’s right for you.

Two ways to Promote your business

1. Influencer Marketing

2. TikTok Advertising

1. Influencer Marketing

Tik tok Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, a marketing strategy that a lot of brands use on other social media platforms, is becoming more and more popular on TikTok also. Here’s how influencer marketing works:

A brand finds an influencer (like a star, athlete, musician, or blogger) who would have an interest in its products and reaches out
The brand then compensates the influencer (with free products, cash, or both) to make content that promotes the brand
The idea is to show the brand to a replacement audience of individuals who would potentially have an interest in the product
Influencer marketing works because people search for influencers. 70% of teens trust influencers quite typical celebrities, and 86% of girls use social media to urge purchasing advice. That’s how influencer marketing campaigns can earn $6.50 for each dollar that’s spent. Influencer marketing may be cost-effective thanks to acquiring customers and is constant to grow—especially on TikTok.

TikTok influencer marketing is on the increase, and it’s a sensible move for your business—especially if your audience includes Generation Z. the subsequent explains why.

Why You Should Take Advantage of TikTok Influencer Marketing

Why You Should Take Advantage of TikTok Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing on TikTok features a lot of advantages for your brand.

One huge benefit is how TikTok influencer marketing can increase brand awareness. once you partner with influencers, you’re exposing your brand to an entirely new group of people—people who may haven’t heard of your brand before but are likely to have an interest in following along.

Working with influencers may be smart thanks to easily connect with people in your audience, and on TikTok, partnering with influencers is simpler than ever.

Many brands prefer to work with influencers on Instagram which remains an honest marketing method, but it is often harder to urge in-tuned with influencers. Why? It takes a short time to urge tons of followers on Instagram, so by the time an influencer has many followers they’re already well-established, making it even harder to urge their attention. But, since TikTok may be a fairly new platform and you’ll see viral success overnight, TikTok influencers tend to be hospitable doing more.

Another big advantage of TikTok is that it’s easy to be creative. TikTok may be a playground for influencers and brands; you’ll experiment together with your campaigns to form them appear as if native ads, not just like the sponsored ads you see on Instagram.

By partnering with influencers, you’ll provide your audience with high-quality, valuable TikTok content. That content will help them trust your business and down the road, which may cause more sales.

TikTok is an especially important platform for brands to specialize in influencer marketing. It’s the right thanks to reaching younger demographics which will be hard to attach with on other social media platforms.

The short and catchy videos, sounds, and other content elements of the app can easily grab a user’s attention as they scroll. With the app only growing in popularity, TikTok continues to be a gold mine for brands curious about influencer marketing

How to Find the Best  TikTok Influencer

How to Find the Best  TikTok Influencer

Working with a TikTok influencer is an important piece of your marketing strategy. But with numerous influencers on the app, how does one find the proper one? Here’s the way to find the right TikTok influencer for your brand.


First of all, it’s important to seek out an influencer who’s in your niche or industry. If you’re within the fitness industry, for instance, you’ll want to figure with an influencer who’s within the fitness niche—maybe a private trainer or an athlete. Why is that this so important? Simple: If you partner with an influencer who’s in your niche, he or she is going to probably have an equivalent audience that you simply do.

Do touch research to work out the kinds of influencers you ought to be working with. you’ll also check out your competitors and see what they’re doing when it involves influencer marketing. this is often a sensible thanks to confirming you’re on the proper track.

Once you’ve found some potential influencers, you’ll want to spend a while on their social media pages to urge a pity their audience and to calculate their engagement rate.


Ready to dive into the search? think about using a TikTok influencer search tool, like Influence Grid. This popular tool makes it easy to seek out influencers for TikTok consistent with certain parameters. Influence Grid includes the subsequent features:

Search by country
Search by topic
Filter by engagement rate
Filter by account size
Filter by average video views
Search by name or username
See engagement, follower count, video views, and other stats for every influencer

When you’ve set the parameters of your search, you can export the search results to an excel spreadsheet.

What’s more—using the TikTok influencer search tool gets you to contact information (Instagram, YouTube, and email address if available) for each influencer. This is a big plus because it means that you don’t have to spend the time and effort searching the internet trying to get in touch.

3. WORK WITH workplace

The final method you’ll use to seek out TikTok influencers is to figure with the workplace. This route can have tons of advantages. the workplace will work closely with you, going to know your brand, your goals, and your strategy. Then they’ll match you up with an influencer and help facilitate the collaboration. You won’t need to look for the influencers yourself—the agency will do all the work.

However, working in the workplace also can get expensive fast. You’ll need to decide whether you would like to place within the time to seek out influencers by yourself, or if you’d rather spend the cash to possess somebody else to do the work. In the end, this is often a choice you’ll need to make supported what’s most precious to you.

4. Branded AR / Effects Content

These ads appear in some of TikTok’s more creative places, such as branded lenses, stickers, and other items, such as 3D/AR content provided by brands for TikTok filmmakers to use in their videos.

2. TikTok Advertising

How to Use TikTok Advertising To Promote Your Business

We have regularly written about the advantages of selling on TikTok – not surprising, considering it’s the fastest growing social network. one of our more relevant articles for brands suggested a TikTok marketing strategy and offered 10 TikTok marketing tips. For the last year, TikTok has made this easier for businesses with a proper TikTok advertising platform.

In this article, we glance at why you’d consider advertising your product on TikTok, and the way to travel about actioning the method.

Types of TikTok Ads


TikTok’s self-service platform helps brands make in-feed ads. for many of the opposite options, you’ll be got to work with a TikTok ad account manager.

1. In-Feed Ads

This is the foremost cost-effective option for little and middle-sized businesses. having the ability to use the self-service platform makes the method more straightforward, and these ads are generally cheaper than other types. These ads appear within the native feed of TikTok users’ “For You” pages.

2. Brand Takeover

These ads are more intrusive than native ads. they seem as soon as somebody opens their TikTok app, taking up the screen for a couple of seconds before becoming an in-feed ad. For obvious reasons, TikTok limits the amount of brand name takeover spots.

3. Branded Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges became a staple fixture of TikTok. Somebody sets up a challenge in a gap video, encouraging their viewers to repeat a specific act, videoing themselves, and uploading their attempt. Branded hashtag challenges are equivalent to those by ordinary TikTok members and influencers; however, they’re purchased by brands and thus given priority by TikTok. they will include a shoppable component for retailers.

4. Branded AR / Effects Content

These ads appear in a number of TikTok’s more creative places, like branded lenses, stickers, and other items, like 3D/AR content provided by brands for TikTok filmmakers to use in their videos.

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